Death Cab For Cutie perform, Jack Black and Boy George cover The Doors on Conan — watch

This is awesome!! Check out this cool performance!

Consequence of Sound

Over the last few months, Death Cab for Cutie have supported their new album, Kintsugi, with appearances on both Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Tonight Show. On Monday night, they continued their late-night circuit run with a dreamy performance of LP track “The Ghosts of Beverly Drive” on Conan. The rendition was highlighted by moody lighting and some especially eye-catching shimmying from frontman Ben Gibbard. Watch below.

Death Cab for Cutie weren’t the only musically-inclined guests on Conan last night, however. Jack Black, Boy George, and The Doors guitarist Robby Krieger surprised the crowd with a soulful cover of the Doors’ “Hello, I Love You”.

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Awesome giveaway at A Book Vacation website

Hey everyone out there,

Be sure to go to and check out their awesome giveaway that they have on their website.  It includes six books and a whole lot of swag. Call it hitting the jackpot if you win this.  So go check this out. Think you will like it.  Be sure to highlight the link and copy if you want to get to the link.  Enjoy!

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The Drought is over!!!!!

Last night the Dallas Stars finally achieved what they had waited six years for, an outright playoff birth. For the past six years, they have come close only to fall short at the last. The fact the Stars have made it to make to the playoffs is something this fan thought she would never see. They’ve got the team, now the Stars just need to buckle down and win it. And I faith that we could get Lord Stanley’s Cup back here in Dallas once again. So Go Stars!

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25th Anniversary of Jerry Jones purchase of the Dallas Cowboys

On February 25, 1989 the Dallas Cowboys fans had their world rocked when the Dallas Cowboys were sold to an Arkansas millionaire by the name of Jerry Jones.  I was in my teens when this happened and I recall being just about as angry as fans with the suddeness of the event, but what took place in the midst of it. Our beloved Coach Tom Landry was fired by Jones and set off a fervor of angry fans over his firing.  On the other hand, change was coming whether the fans wanted it or not. Yes it was painful, but 25 years later we have 3 Super Bowl wins, but not much else. We’ve come close to the playoffs, but fallen short.  Do I think we’ll get back again some, I always hope.  I was born and raised in Dallas and will always be a fan. Just no two ways about it.  Hard to believe that it has been 25 years and my how they have flown.  It will be interesting to see how the next 25 go.  Should be an awesome ride!

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Tim Cowlishaw ” Drunk On Sports”

I just got done reading Tim Cowlishaw’s book ” Drunk on Sports” and what a great book. I never really realized what a battle with alcohol that Tim had. It takes a lot of courage to talk about what all he has been through. I had a hard time putting this book down. I had the good fortune to meet Tim at a book signing at the Barnes and Noble near Northpark. He was gracious and got a picture with me. When i get the chance, i will add the picture to this blog. What a nice man and someone i throughly enjoy seeing on ESPN’s Around The Horn.  My hats off to Tim for a great book.

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Ben and Skin-The wait is finally over

Well folks, the question that has been on a lot of minds is where on earth are Ben and Skin going to land next.  Well today the question was finally answered.  They will be starting on Monday on the afternoon drive from 2pm-6pm on 105.3FM the Fan.  I had the good fortune of meeting Jeff Wade (Skin) about 2 years ago I think.  He was hosting a Q&A with Micheal Rappaport about a doctumentary he did about one of the original hip hop bands “A Tribe called Quest.  When i get a chance, I will post the picture I had taken with both of them.  He was really nice and I think he and Ben will be a good fit for the station.  Look forward to hearing them on Monday.  I’ll be listening.

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Another tragedy….

Just when you think nothing else can happen, it does. Late last night I found out about the fertilizer plant that exploded in the town of West, Texas.  The pictures and audio that I have heard are just heartbreaking. The daylight has come and now you can really see the destruction that the blast caused.  It’s great to see everyone reaching out to help these people. Their town will never be the same after what has happened.  So i ask everyone out there, pray for everyone in West and if you can do something to help, do it.  A little kindness always goes a long way.

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