25th Anniversary of Jerry Jones purchase of the Dallas Cowboys

On February 25, 1989 the Dallas Cowboys fans had their world rocked when the Dallas Cowboys were sold to an Arkansas millionaire by the name of Jerry Jones.  I was in my teens when this happened and I recall being just about as angry as fans with the suddeness of the event, but what took place in the midst of it. Our beloved Coach Tom Landry was fired by Jones and set off a fervor of angry fans over his firing.  On the other hand, change was coming whether the fans wanted it or not. Yes it was painful, but 25 years later we have 3 Super Bowl wins, but not much else. We’ve come close to the playoffs, but fallen short.  Do I think we’ll get back again some, I always hope.  I was born and raised in Dallas and will always be a fan. Just no two ways about it.  Hard to believe that it has been 25 years and my how they have flown.  It will be interesting to see how the next 25 go.  Should be an awesome ride!

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